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Repotting Plants

Plant Repotting Guide

Step 1: WATER 

 Lightly water plant to help the root ball and soil slide out more easily.

Step 2: REMOVE

Flip the pot on its side and gently pull it away from the plant. Tap the pot on a counter to help release the plant from the pot.

Step 3: CLEAN

Clean the pot with hot soapy water to get rid of any diseases.

Step 4: ADD

Add soil to the bottom of the pot and ensure the root ball is at least 1/2” from the bottom.


Place the plant in the pot and make sure it is centered and sitting up straight.

Step 6: FILL

 Add potting soil around the plant in layers, press- ing it down with your fingers until firm. Do not plant deeper than before.

Step 7: WATER

Water your newly potted plant well until the water runs out the bottom.

Step 8: TRIM

If plant has damaged leaves, you can trim them off without damaging the plant.

potting plants

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