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2 Pothos Variety Pack - 4" Pot

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If you don't have a Pothos, do you even like plants? The Pothos plant is a beginners fan favorite and is a staple in any interior landscape. It's a broad leaf plant that is super easy to care for and beautiful. 

How to care for Pothos Plants: 

Lighting: While these plants do well in a variety of light conditions and can even tolerate low light, moderate indoor light is ideal. Outdoors they can be grown in shade to partial shade. Pale leaves that turn yellowish in color could indicate that your plant is getting too much light.

Water: These plants do best when their soil can dry out between watering. To achieve this watering technique, allow only the top two inches to dry, being sure that the roots are still moist. If the leaves are wilting or turning brown, you should water the plant more often. If the leaves are yellow, you may be watering it too much.

Temperature: Pothos can tolerate moderate temperatures ranging from 55o - 85°F.