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Autumn Fern

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The Autumn Fern, also known as the Japanese Wood Fern or Copper Shield Fern, is native to East Asia. It is a semi-evergreen plant known for its vibrant color changes. In its early growth stage, the fern's leaves turn reddish-copper, eventually maturing to a dark green. The Autumn Fern thrives in warmer climates and partial shade, making it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor ornamental use.

How to care for ferns: 

Lighting: Ferns typically grow in moist, shady places like forest floors, but they still require some light to thrive. In their natural habitat, ferns typically receive dappled light, and if the light level in a home is too low, ferns may exhibit poor growth and yellowing fronds.

Water: Ferns typically prefer evenly moist soil with regular watering. Allowing the soil to dry out between waterings can stress these plants. Proper watering is important for maintaining the health and vigor of ferns.

Temperature: An individual fern’s place of origin and adaptability will determine how high or low of a temperature the fern needs. Most ferns don’t like the cold. Ferns from tropical regions truly appreciate temperatures between 60-70 degrees F. Those from more temperate regions enjoy temperatures between 50-60 degrees F.